The Story of the World, Volume 1: Ancient Times – Audio CD Set

Curriculum Overview

The Story of the World is an award-winning resource for families looking for a history curriculum they can fall in love with. This Story of the World audiobook is a collaboration between Jim Weiss, whose voice is “liquid gold” (CNN TV), and Susan Wise Bauer, whose writing has been described as “timeless and intelligent” (Publishers Weekly).

It may be used along with the print book, as a supplement to a traditional history curriculum, or independently.

Ancient Times (5000 BC to 400 AD)
History is a story, isn’t it time you read it that way? This engaging guide presents world history in a narrative format. What terrible secret was buried in Shi Huangdi’s tomb? Did nomads like lizard stew? What happened to Anansi the Spider in the Village of the Plantains? And how did a six-year old become the last emperor of Rome?


Peace Hill Press

Our Review

I purchased the CD’s for this book because I wanted to make sure my children were pronouncing things correctly, especially my son. Because the little ones seem to constantly be on the move, I am not always able to be right there while they read. The CD’s are an excellent solution.

The set includes 7 CD’s and quite frankly, I love them!

The book is narrated by a man whose voice is soothing, but not boring. We popped a CD in, opened the book and read along. This helped me out tremendously and improved the quality of our history lessons. Since I will be able to use these over and over again, they are worth the price.

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