We began homeschooling over 17 years ago when our oldest was a first grader. Since then, we have lived and homeschooled our 5 children in California, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, and now Kentucky.

Meet the Family (current as of June 2023)

  • Dad – Geologist
  • Mom – Blogger
  • Daughter #1 – 24 years old
    • Married with one child. Homeschooled 1st – 7th grade, attended public school for kindergarten and also 8th – 12th grade. Graduated college in 2016.
  • Son – 23 years old
    • Homeschooled K – 5th grade, and also for 11th – 12th grade. Still attending college.
  • Daughter #2 – 17 years old
    • Homeschooled 3rd – 12th grade. Just graduated and attending college in the fall.
  • Daughter #3 – 15 years old
    • Homeschooled K – 9th grade, with the exception of attending public school for first grade. Starting 10th grade this fall.
  • Daughter #4 – 13 years old
    • Attended public school for kindergarten, homeschooled 1st – 7th grade. Starting 8th grade this fall.

We hope the curriculum guides and reviews shared are helpful to you and your family.

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