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CHC is ran by a family of seven currently living in Kentucky. Our family began homeschooling over 15 years ago. Over the years we have lived and homeschooled in California, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, and now Kentucky.

We began our website back in 2010 to share our homeschool curriculum experiences. Our reviews are from the viewpoint of both parents and kids. We hope they are helpful to you and your family.

As of August 2020 our children are ages 21, 20, 14, 12, and 10. Our oldest graduated college in 2018, and our second to oldest is starting his third year of college this fall.

Our 2020 Homeschool Curriculum

14 year old – 9th Grade

  • MATH: Saxon Math + DIVE (Algebra 1)
  • SCIENCE: The 100+ Series Biology, Baron’s E-Z Biology
  • LANGUAGE ARTS: Wordly Wise (Book 9), Cursive Handwriting Book for Teens
  • SOCIAL STUDIES/HISTORY: Story of the World Middle Ages
  • FOREIGN LANGUAGE: American Sign Language, Hebrew
  • ELECTIVES: Art for Kids Hub, Piano

12 year old – 7th Grade

  • MATH: Teaching Textbooks (Math 7), Spectrum Math (7)
  • SCIENCE: Spectrum Science (7)
  • LANGUAGE ARTS: Wordly Wise (Book 7), Spectrum Language Arts (7), Spectrum Reading (7), Spelling Workout (Grade 7), Just Write (Book 2), Print Handwriting Workbook for Teens
  • SOCIAL STUDIES/HISTORY: Story of the World Middle Ages
  • FOREIGN LANGUAGE: American Sign Language, Hebrew
  • ELECTIVES: Art for Kids Hub, Piano, Guitar

10 year old – 5th Grade

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