2023 - 2024 Homeschool Curriculum

2023 – 2024 Homeschool Curriculum

Here is an overview of the curriculum we will be using during the 2023-2024 school year. This will be our fourth full year of homeschooling in the state of Kentucky.

Daughter #2 (17 years) – GRADUATED!

Last year our daughter decided she wanted to finish up early so she could walk with her friends at our homeschools graduation ceremony. She is currently attending a local community college where she is studying fixed-wing flight training (to become a commercial airline pilot).

Daughter #3 (16 years) – 10th Grade

  • MATH: Geometry (Teaching Textbooks), Financial Literacy
  • SCIENCE: Biology (PACE)
  • LANGUAGE ARTS: Wordly Wise (Book 11) *She finished Book 10 over the summer.
  • SOCIAL STUDIES/HISTORY: Geography 1 (Middle East, Europe, & North Africa)
  • GOVERNMENT: Mark Twain US Constitution American History Workbook
  • HEALTH: Mark Twain Health and Wellness Workbook
  • ELECTIVES: Guitar Lessons

Daughter #4 (13 years) – 8th Grade

  • MATH: Algebra (Teaching Textbooks), Spectrum Math (8), Financial Literacy
  • SCIENCE: Spectrum Science (8)
  • LANGUAGE ARTS: Wordly Wise (Book 8), Spectrum Reading (8), Daily Paragraph Editing (8)
  • SOCIAL STUDIES/HISTORY: Story of the World 2: The Middle Ages, Geography 1 (Middle East, Europe, & North Africa)
  • FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Hebrew (Gesher)
  • ELECTIVES: Piano and Violin Lessons

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