• Online Curriculum for PreK to 12th Grades
    • 1,000+ Student-Paced Multimedia Activities
    • Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies
    • Interactive, Project-Based Activities
    • Detailed Reporting for Easy Record-Keeping
    • Lesson Plans and Teaching Tools for Parents
    • Lessons Correlated to State Standards
    • A safe, private, ad-free, online learning environment
    • Flexibility to start, pause, and cancel your account without penalties
    • Time4Learning staff will answer questions by phone or email

Religious Affiliation



Time4Learning is a curriculum provider, not a school. Therefore it cannot be accredited.

Grades Available

Time4Learning currently offers Preschool through Eigth grade curriculum. They will be launching a high school program soon.


PreK – 8th Grade
$19.95 per student per month
$14.95 per month for each additional PreK – 8th student

High School
$30 per student per month
Includes 4 Courses

Enrollment Process

Signing up for Time4Learning is relatively painless and does not require birth certificates, immunization records and/or proof of residency.

Simply visit their website at www.Time4Learning.com and click on sign up.

Our Review

Right before giving birth to baby number five (in 2007), I was feeling stuck with our homeschool studies. I was exhausted from my pregnancy and had to visit the doctor weekly because of health problems. The kids were feeling burnt out and sensed that I was too, causing them to become quite rebellious when it came to completing their school work. I had reached a crossroads – either put them in public school or figure something else out FAST.

I was visiting a homeschool discussion forum and noticed everyone kept mentioning Time4Learning. I had heard of them but had never visited their website. So I headed over to Time4Learning to see what the fuss was all about. After reading their website over a few times, I decided to give it a try. I signed my 2 oldest up and the next day they were ready to start.

The program was very appealing to my kids. They loved working on the internet and the interactive atmosphere kept them interested while working on Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. They especially enjoy playground time, basically free play (games) earned by completing their work.

What I liked about the program is that I was able to determine how long they needed to work each day before earning “playground” time. I was also able to control how long they could spend at the playground.

Time4Learning provides you with curriculum lesson plans that you can print for your records. This is especially handy if your state requires you to keep track of this type of information (or you have nosey relatives who like to see that your children are actually learning something!). Time4Learning also keeps track of how long your child works, and how they do on quizzes and other assignments.

What I did not like about the program is that I was unable to set a time frame for each individual subject. For example, I want my kids to finish 50 minutes of Math, 30 minutes Language Arts, etc. before logging out.

I also did not like how the quizzes only provided the number missed. I would have prefered to also know which problems were incorrect, so I could make sure my child learns how to do whatever it was they missed. It would be nice to also set a score requirement in order for children to move ahead in lessons. For example, an 80% required in order to move on. At the time we used Time4Learning, this was not possible. Scores were simply recorded and the child was able to move on to the next lesson regardless of how weel or porrly they did.

Please note – we have not used Time4Learning since 2007. They may or may not have made improvements and/or changes to this.

Overall, this is a great program for the price. Once the baby was born, we discountinued Time4Learning and went back to our regular studies. But I do still recommend the program to anyone looking for an affordable online program or who is unsure if they are smart enough to teach their children (two concerns I hear most often from parents interested in homeschooling).

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