4th Grade

4th grade is similar to 3rd with the exception of our Math studies. In 4th grade, we start our transition into Saxon Math beginning with Math 5/4. In science, we rotate through the topics of biology, zoology, astronomy and botany – covering one topic per year. Some of our children study biology early, while others get it later on depending where we are when they join in. World History is the same, we use a “four year plan” so that everyone is able to study each of the different topics while still allowing for group lessons.

These are books and products we have used in our home at this age.

Life Skills


  • The Boxcar Children Books
  • The Little House on the Prairie Books
  • The Magic Treehouse Books


  • A Reason for Handwriting, Cursive (if still needed)
  • Just Write, Book 2
  • Blank journal

Language Arts/Spelling/Vocab


  • Saxon Math 5/4
  • Singapore Math (until ready to move into Saxon)
  • Quarter Mile Math (for practicing facts)




  • Health for the Glory of God


  • Alfred Piano Course
  • Individual/private music lessons
  • Church choir

Foreign Language

  • Rosetta Stone
  • Powerglide Junior Course
  • Signing Time

PE/Physical Education

Park days, swimming, organized sports, dance, bike riding, walks, and lots of outdoor play keep our kids in shape!

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