Kindergarten is such a fun age! They are so eager and excited to learn!

We start each day reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, singing a song, and having family prayer. Afterwards, we start “school” with math as I find my kids do better with it first thing in the morning. In the younger grades, we study science and history on alternating days. At this age, school work usually lasts just a few hours. After lunch, our little ones enjoy arts and crafts, music and singing time, and free play.

These are books and products we have used in our home at this age.

Life Skills

Phonics/Beginning Readers



  • Singapore Math
  • Quarter Mile Math




LOTS of paper, crayons, paint, markers to encourage creativity! We sometimes purchase craft kits from Oriental Trading Co. for extra fun.

Foreign Language

  • Signing Time

PE/Physical Education

Park days, swimming, organized sports, dance, bike riding, walks, and lots of outdoor play keep our kids in shape!

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