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This was one of the first pieces of curriculum I purchased when we began homeschooling many years ago. It came highly recommended, so I ordered both the textbook and teacher manual. The textbook itself it very nice, my kids loved looking at the pictures and the lessons are presented story book style. We loved reading this book together while we learned. Questions and coloring activities are provided throughout the book. If you are using this with preschool or kindergarten age children (as recommended), you probably won’t have them write in their answers to questions. We used the questions instead as a guide for discussion after reading.

The only downside for our family was that some concepts in the book differed slightly from our own religious views. So I simply pointed out and explained the differences to the kids. Otherwise, I really liked this program and we learned a lot from it without having to hear words like evolution, billions of years ago, or big bang theory.

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The World God Made Description (from publisher)

This science text gives students a simple overview of the basic elements of science from a Christian perspective. Topics in this beautifully illustrated four-color text are presented based on the Days of Creation and include nature, weather, seasons, personal health, and animals.


Christian Liberty Press


Kindergarten (recommended)

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