Exploring Creation with Astronomy (Textbook)

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Explore the farthest reaches of God’s creation with this new and revised edition of our award-winning astronomy course. With many hands-on activities to help young scientists retain what they learn, our science curriculum uses Charlotte Mason methodology to introduce elementary-level students to the wonders of our solar system, the stars, and beyond. Our tour of the universe begins with our sun, the planets, the asteroid belt, dwarf planets, and the Kuiper belt. Then we set off across the stars to explore galaxies, nebulae, and even black holes as they reveal the marvel and might of our loving Creator.


Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc.


Third GradeFourth GradeFifth GradeSixth Grade

Our Review

(PLEASE NOTE WE USED THE 1ST EDITION) My children really became interested in astronomy as kindergartners and when Apologia came out with their new K-6 science textbooks, I decided to try out the astronomy text for science. So glad I did! There are 14 lessons in the hardcover book which can be broken up to fill the year with either daily or weekly lessons. The textbook is biblical based, referring to God as the creator of all things (as opposed to evolution) and teaches the kids to really appreciate and be thankful for the miraculous wonders of the universe. Being a textbook, it was sometimes a long read for my 6 and 7 year-old but I shortened things up as needed, giving an overview at times of what the book is teaching. My kids enjoyed keeping their science notebooks (directions are given in the textbook on how to create them) and the chapter end projects are fun to complete. My son today at 12 still enjoys reading the textbook.

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