Compulsory Attendance Ages: Between the ages of 7 and 17.

Required Days of Instruction: 176 days (not mandatory for private or home schools).

Required Subjects: Instruction must be in the English language. Parents must provide instruction in the same “branches of education” that children of “corresponding” age and grade receive in public school.

Home School Statute: None.

If a child is “attending a private or a parochial school where children are taught the branches of education taught to children of corresponding age and grade in public schools, and where the instruction of the child in the branches of education is in the English language” the child shall not be required to attend public school and the child is in compliance with Illinois compulsory attendance law. Home schools that meet these two requirements are considered legal private schools.

Teacher Qualifications: None.

Standardized Tests: Not required by statute.

For more information, please see the HSLDA website.

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