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2020 was our families first year using Outschool. This is an online “school” that was recommended to me by other homeschoolers who had used it previously. We tested out the platform over summer 2020 with these one time/day classes:

  • Seven Amazing Wonders of the World (10-year-old took)
  • Mummies and More: Discovering Ancient Egypt (12-year-old took)

Both girls really enjoyed the classes, so we opted to sign up for a few more that ran during the 2020 fall semester. These included:

  • American Sign Language 3 (10-year-old)
  • Aviation: History of Aviation and Principles of Flight (14-year-old)
  • The Seven Natural Wonders of the World! (10-year-old)

How to use Outschool

The classes are completely online using a program similar to Zoom. Students are able to see/hear the instructor and also communicate with the other students.

Class topics you can choose from range from basics like math, english, social studies, and science to elective options like life skills, art, drama, and computer science. Classes are affordable and offer flexible days and times to fit any schedule.

You can either Outschool to supplement your learning with short term and/or single day classes, or you can use them full-time for all of your classes. They also offer tutoring if your child just needs some extra help with certain subjects.

How do I access Outschool?

You can view and sign-up for courses on their website at Outschool.com

Outschool Description

We offer unique online classes from hundreds of independent teachers. Our classes meet via group video chat. Outschool, Inc. was founded in 2015 and is based in San Francisco, CA. Great teachers come in many forms. Outschool teachers may be certified teachers, artists, scientists, or other adults with an expertise or interest to share. Outschool teachers determine their class offerings. Our 50,000+ unique classes span all subjects and reflect the diversity of our teachers.

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