Financial Literacy Lessons

Financial Literacy Lessons

What is Financial Literacy Lessons?

(From the publisher) Give students important life skills by teaching them about money and financial concepts and how to apply math to the world around them. This dynamic teaching resource provides reproducible cut-out math manipulatives, reference sheets, and visual aids to support students as they explore real-world lessons and hands-on activities related to paying bills, earning money at a job, saving for retirement, making investments, buying and using insurance, and more.

Available for grades/level First through Eighth.

Our Review of Financial Literacy Lessons

Updated Review last updated 2/15/2024

Our family used the Eva-Moor Financial Literacy Lessons and Activities workbook for grades 6-8 over the fall 2023 semester with our two youngest children. Topics covered included using banks, preparing a budget, costs of owning and maintaining a car, and taking out loans. The lessons sparked good conversations on earning and managing money. After finishing the section on insurance costs, our youngest daughter stated “I now know why most adults are depressed. It costs so much to live!” A solid overview to help you teach your children about finances. The workbook is 140+ pages long and includes the answer key in the back.

Actual Homeschool Student Review

What do our kids have to say about using Financial Literacy Lessons?


Financial Literacy Lessons Books

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