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Teaching Textbooks

What is Teaching Textbooks?

(From the publisher) Teaching Textbooks is a complete math curriculum offered as a series of apps (one for each grade level). Each course does all of the teaching, all of the grading, and has step-by-step solutions for every problem. These features allow students to work independently and take the weight of teaching math off the parents.

Available for grades/level Math 3 through Pre-Calculous.

Our Review of Teaching Textbooks

Updated Review last updated 2/13/2024

Our family has used a variety of math programs over the years including Saxon, Singapore Math, Miquon Math, Spectrum Math, and also Teaching Textbooks. We used Saxon for our oldest children, and I personally feel it is a more advanced program versus Teaching Textbooks. However, I had one child who HATED (yes HATED) Saxon. Too much writing. Too much repetition. She cried over every assignment. She was frustrated and so was I. We switched her to Teaching Textbooks and have been using it ever since, for both her and our youngest daughter.

FYI: Compared to Saxon, it does moves slower. If you use Teaching Textbooks and later switch to Saxon, you will be about a year behind in the Saxon curriculum. If you stick with Teaching Textbooks this won’t be an issue for you. Overall, It’s just an easier program versus Saxon. Especially for the parent. There’s no teaching or correcting. Just login as the parent and you can easily see how your child is doing on regular assignments and tests.

The original Teaching Textbooks used CD-ROMs and an optional book. The newest version operates digitally. You simply signup, choose your start date and then begin the course.

You can view and sign-up for courses or order books on their website at TeachingTextBooks.com.

Actual Homeschool Student Review

What do our kids have to say about using Teaching Textbooks?


Teaching Textbooks CD-Roms and Books

Looking for the original Teaching Textbook series? You can still find them on Amazon.

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