Explode the Code

Curriculum Description (from publisher)

Explode the Code is a researched-based, multisensory, Orton-Gillingham based program that builds essential literacy skills through direct, systematic, phonics instruction. Providing a comprehensive overview of phonological awareness, decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and spelling, students will gain the skills they need to read words, phrases, sentences, and stories on their own.


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First Grade – Fourth Grade

Our Review

Each of our kids used Explode the Code (ETC), starting before they could read. We started each of them with the Primer (A, B and C) books and then moved onto the others. We stopped our eldest daughter at book 5 as she no longer needed any phonics work. We did not purchase or use the teacher manuals. You will need the teacher manual to give your child directions for the reviews. We just skipped over these pages.

These books practice not only phonics but also give our kids a daily dose of handwriting practice, as well as grammar practice in the higher numbered books. Our kids love these books and have no problem working on their own with minimal guidance needed. A great plus for busy moms!

UPDATE 2018: We used Explode the Code with all but our youngest daughter. Our oldest used ETC up to book 5, the others used only Books 1, 2, and 3. We did not use any of the half books.

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