Learning Language Arts Through Literature (Activity Book)

Curriculum Description (from publisher)

The Student Activity Book (SAB) is the perfect companion for the Teacher Book! Everything in one book: student instruction, a place for writing, and a tool for easy record keeping. Allows for more independent work, a BONUS for teachers. The SAB provides Enrichment Activities such as word puzzles, analogies, logic/reasoning activities and more found ONLY in the SAB. (Answers are found in The Teacher Book.)


Common Sense Press


First Grade – Highschool

Our Review

(PLEASE NOTE WE USED THE PREVIOUS EDITION) The student activity book does exactly as described; it makes it easier for your child to work on their own. If you prefer not to buy this book, you can use this program with only the teacher’s manual but you will have to cover the answers while your child works on each page.

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