Learning Language Arts Through Literature

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Learning Language Arts Through Literature is a complete language arts program for first grade through high school. Using an integrated approach to learning, students learn the skills appropriate for each grade level in the context of real literature. Reading real books instead of basal stories makes reading more attractive to the student. This creates a deeper understanding and generates greater interest in grammar, writing mechanics, vocabulary, spelling, and other language skills. The goal of any language arts program should be to equip the student for a lifetime of communication through the written and spoken word.

All levels are written for a 36 week school year. Grades 1- 9 include a Teacher’s Book written in a conversational format making it easy to use with little or no preparation time for the teacher. Student Activity Books are available for the 1st – 8th grade. All levels include review activities and assessments. Placement Tests and Scope and Sequence for each grade are available.


Common Sense Press


First Grade – Highschool

Our Review

Some time ago I homeschooled a nephew of mine (he is almost 30 now!) that was having behavior problems in public school. When his parents pulled him out and asked for my help, I searched around for curriculum to use with a VERY reluctant seventh grader. Learning Language Arts Through Literature came highly recommended so I decided to give it a try.

My nephew was very bright but really hated school work. This program worked out well for us because he never realized how much work he was actually completing since so many subjects are rolled into one book. He did not care much for the books we read as part of the book studies, but I personally attribute that to his attitude. Coming out of public school, this program was right on par with what he had been learning in school prior to being removed.

After using The Green Book with success, I decided to use LLATL with my oldest daughter. At the time she was seven and really needed a challenge. She is an excellent reader and writer so I bought a higher grade thinking it would be right on par with her skills. Unfortunately, The Yellow Book – labeled third grade – was too easy for her. I was really disappointed because I like this program a lot. It combines everything you need to teach a well-rounded language arts lesson.

I started my son with the Orange Book (labeled for 4th grade) who was eight at the time. As soon as the kit arrived, he immediately dove into the books finishing the first two in a matter of days. He breezed through the reading material, almost to where I was wondering if I should have bought the 5th grade level Purple Book. He did fine with the program, but he was not a fan of the dictation. Being hearing impaired makes this type of work difficult for him.

(PLEASE NOTE WE USED THE PREVIOUS EDITION) I really like these books as they provide a complete language arts program. Everything you need is included in the book including handwriting, spelling, and vocab. The main book is also a teachers guide, providing all of the answers and suggestions for teaching the lessons. You do not need to purchase the optional student book, but since it is harder for me to make copies from this book I did. If you opt to not purchase the reading books recommended in the book, you should be able to find them at your local library. You could also skip these and use books you already have. This is a sturdy book with crisp pages, which hold up well to eraser marks. For the price, you really can’t beat this series and I recommend these to even non-homeschoolers for extra practice.

UPDATE 2018: Our 12 year old daughter is currently using the very same green book I used many many years ago with my nephew. It’s just challenging enough without being too hard for her. I also used the high school editions for my oldest son who is heading off to college in the fall.

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