Just Write (Book 1)

Curriculum Description (from publisher)

In Book 1, students are first encouraged to “just write” without worrying about spelling and punctuation. Later chapters discuss capital letters, basic punctuation, spelling, indenting, and constructing paragraphs. Other chapters encourage the use of colorful descriptions, creative word choices, and comparisons. In the last chapter, students revise and edit their work in preparation for publishing a final draft. Tips for making stories into books are also provided. A wide variety of exercises and engaging illustrations keep students focused and interested.


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Our Review

The publisher states the program is for grades 2-3 and that seems about right. We used this book with oldest kids, at ages 8 and 9, with no problems. My daughter (at age 9) did not breeze through the assignments, but it was not too challenging either. There is not an excessive amount of writing, and the exercises are broken up enough that my son (at 8) also enjoyed the program. I noticed an improvement in his personal journal writing after using the program.

Lessons are spanned over 8 chapters which cover topics like:

  • Brainstorming
  • Topics
  • Sequencing
  • Capitals and basic punctuation
  • Paragraphs
  • Overused words
  • Editing and publishing

I purchased the teachers book but never used it. The lessons are pretty straight forward and easy to understand. My kids were able to read the directions and work on their own with little help. For the price and topics covered, this is a good buy. I liked the format, and the pages are crisp, not flimsy (good when erasing mistakes!).

UPDATE 2018: Yep, still using this with the youngest. It really does help teach your children how to brainstorm writing ideas, as well as how to write correctly. What about Book 2? I never did advance the older kids on to Book 2 or Book 3 as I had planned.

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Available at Amazon.com and Christian Book

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