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Even in an era when screens and electronic devices are prevalent, writing legibly and reading the handwriting of others remains a fundamental life skill. A Reason For Handwriting® helps students achieve this, while equipping them with essential knowledge of God’s Word.

A Reason For Handwriting® provides instruction in correct letter formation, and consistent daily practice to help students learn to write with ease. Our exclusive Border Sheets are suitable for display, ministry outreach, and gift-giving, providing an incentive for students to use their best penmanship. A single Teacher Guidebook can be used for all levels of the curriculum.


The Concerned Group


Kindergarten – Sixth Grade

Our Review

We have used multiple levels of the “A Reason for Handwriting” books with our children and personally prefer the workbooks over any other handwriting books we have used. Both the cover and paper is nice and sturdy, holding up well to the abuse of our children who often shove their books into the bookcase when they are finished working!

We first used the Manuscript A book with our eldest daughter (at the time 6) and she adored this program. She loved to write and writing out scripture verses each day was very enjoyable for her. Because she enjoyed writing so much, she usually completed a whole weeks lesson over a two-day period.

At the same time, we used the Kindergarten Book with our son (then age 5) who struggled to complete the daily assignments. This was a lot of writing for him! If you have a reluctant writer, or a child who does not like to write, you may want to try a different program. He did seem to grasp the concept of how they taught writing lowercase vs. uppercase letters very well (using a tree house as an example of the levels on which one writes) and he enjoyed practice reviews as he was able to write different letters as opposed to focusing on a single letter. Our daughters however, who enjoy writing more than their brother, loved these books!

The Grade 1 Book ends each weeks lesson with the child coloring a special paper (included in the back) to print the verse they practiced during the week onto. They are then supposed to give the verse to someone they care about (the book is religious-based and discusses the importance of sharing the scriptures with others) which our daughter really enjoyed doing.

UPDATE 2018: This is another program we have used with every child. The kids just like it. It’s not an overwhelming amount of writing and being able to copy scripture verses helps with memorization as well. Each of our children (now aged 7-20) used Books K, A, B, and C. Once they learned basic cursive, I didn’t see the need to continue on with the higher books.

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