Wordly Wise 3000

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Wordly Wise 3000® 4th Edition provides direct academic vocabulary instruction to develop the critical link between vocabulary and reading comprehension. The robust activities, student engagement, and differentiated instruction provide the flexibility to meet the needs of today’s varying student population.


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Kindergarten – Highschool

Our Review

We use Wordly Wise every day at our house. Our son used Book B at age 8 and I was very pleased with the results. He had trouble pronouncing words, but memorized new words quickly. Vocabulary practice played an important role in his learning process. Using Wordly Wise helped him with writing and reading without boring him! Because our son becomes overwhelmed by too much of anything, we break up each lesson over a weeks time. (we did this with EVERY LEVEL of Wordly Wise we used)

  • Mondays he reads the word list and then writes each word 6 times each. This helps reinforce the spelling for him.
  • Tuesdays he completes exercises 2 and 3.
  • Wednesdays he reads the story and answer the questions.
  • Thursdays he completes either the crossword puzzle or hidden message (his favorite part of the week!), and then we review the words and their definitions.
  • On Friday I give a spelling test.

When our oldest daughter used Book B, we included writing out the definitions in addition to writing words 6 times each.

The book we used (Book B) was from the 1st edition, however the 2nd edition is now available. Book B from the 1st edition is now Book 2 and Book 3 in the 2nd edition.

UPDATE 2018: Still going strong with Worldy Wise over here! Every single kid has used this program and I love it. I did relax a bit and we no longer write out the definitions weekly, and the younger girls only have to write each word 3 times each. DO NOT TELL THE OLDER KIDS!! Over 15 years we have used every edition they have made; first through fourth.

**I do recommend you buy the answer keys – they cost very little and save you a lot of time.

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