English for the Thoughtful Child Volume One

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From the author… “I had a long list of things I wanted to find in a first grammar/composition text: I wanted to apply what Charlotte Mason called “narration,” material concentrating on the writing process that would not burden the young child. I wanted a text that would draw the child into writing, and lay the foundation for good composition skills that could be applied in all learning situations. I wanted something simple and fun to work with.”

Originally published in 1903, this book uses wonderful pictures to stimulate the child’s imagination and lead him or her into writing. There are memorization assignments, oral compositions, written compositions and practice exercises. Useful as a second grade English text, but it is also very useful as a first course for older, reluctant writers. No teacher’s edition necessary; everything you need is in the student text.


Greenleaf Press


First Grade, Second GradeThird GradeFourth Grade

Our Review

We were having trouble finding an English program for our two oldest children when we came across multiple recommendations for this curriculum. The description stated the program was for second-grade level. We tried it with both our second grader and third grader – neither liked it. Our son (2nd grade) was overwhelmed by the lengthy lessons and our daughter (3rd grade) was bored with the set-up. They did both learn from the book but after roughly 15 lessons, we stopped using it. The book itself is very nicely made. Very sturdy, which is always a plus in our family. The drawings are black and white and very old-fashioned (which we appreciated).

We kept our copies and plan on trying these again with our younger daughters. We feel if we had used it earlier with our eldest daughter, she would have enjoyed it more. Our son, because of his personal learning style and personality, would not have liked the book no matter what his age.

UPDATE 2018: Unfortunately we never did use this with any of our younger girls.

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