I Love America, Volume 1

Curriculum Description (from publisher)

This Volume Contains activities that build an understanding and love of:

  • The American Flag
  • Christopher Columbus
  • The First Thanksgiving
  • Washington, Franklin, and Jefferson
  • Pocahontas
  • Our American Heritage


National Center for Constitutional Studies


First Grade – Fourth Grade

Our Review

I wanted to order this program for some time and when I finally purchased it, along with the music CD, I was so glad I did! The program is very well put together and comes three-hole punched, ready to be placed in a binder. I like this because it makes reproducing pages a breeze.

You actually receive two programs in one:

The first part is the history lessons which include lesson plans, stories, and activities related to early American History. The second part is an United States geography program with pages for each state that teach students facts like state flowers, birds, flags, etc. Each worksheet also include some type of coloring activity related to the state on the back.

The only downside I can find with the program is that the lessons are short and while they divide the lessons over different months, only a few lessons for each month are included. To make this a full time history program, you will need to expand each of the lessons on your own using worksheets, trips to the library, movies related to the lessons and/or field trips.

If you have children over the age of seven or eight, you will most likely want to use this along with something else. For younger children however, these are the perfect length to keep their attention and make learning history fun.

UPDATE 2018: I have continued to use this program with our younger girls. They are short, easy to prepare for, and fun!

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Available at National Center for Constitutional Studies

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