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This is our families first year using Open Tent Academy. I heard about their program from another homeschool mom who had been using it previously. We started with some shorter summer classes which included:

  • History Detectives: Mysteries at Sea (14 year old took)
  • CSI World History King Tut: Was he murdered? (12 year old took)

Both girls really enjoyed the classes so we opted to sign up for a few more that will run in the fall and spring semesters. These will include:

  • American Sign Language 1 (14 and 12 year old)
  • Exploring American History with American Girl Dolls (10 year old)

The classes are completely online using a program similar to Zoom. Students are able to see/hear the instructor and also communicate with the other students. All worksheets and homework are accessible in a student dashboard area, you upload assignments in the same area.

Class topics you can choose from range from basics like math, social studies, and science to elective options like art, drama, and computer science.

Where to Buy

You can view and sign-up for courses on their website at

If you have Facebook, follow their page for course discounts offered throughout the year.

Open Tent Academy Description (from publisher)

Open Tent Academy is a consortium of phenomenal instructors who offer homeschooling (and “after-schooling”) students an array of amazing classes. All of our OTA instructors are committed to excellence in education. Our goal is to guide students, allowing them to ponder, think, analyze, and draw their own conclusions – all under the guidance of our teachers and their families. We believe that this is best accomplished through interactive classes filled with discussion and open-ended questions. We want your children to think!
Parents can opt for one class, or a full curriculum. The decision is yours to make! You can (and should) always decide what is the best approach for your family. Our OTA staff is here to offer guidance when needed. Please do not hesitate to reach out to either Eva Goldstein-Meola (our Director), Jonathan Meola (our co-Founder), or to any of our instructors. All OTA Instructor email addresses are displayed on the main Instructor page.
Please note: OTA does not provide a diploma. We are a service provider that offers classes. That said, our classes for high school students can be translated into the equivalent of high school credits. This is based factors such as: number of hours, expectations, homework given etc. Please look on the class’s individual syllabus for further details.


Kindergarten – Twelfth Grade

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